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Contoh percakapan waiter menyambut tamu di sebuah restaurant

Waiter: Hello, good morning sir and madam. Welcome to our restaurant.
David: Yes, I would like to have our breakfast at your restaurant.
Waiter: That would be our pleasure to serve you. Where would like to sit, Sir and Madam?
David: What about that table? Yes, the table number 5.
Waiter: Yes of course, you can sit on that table. Would you mind to follow me?
Britney: Yes, we would.

Waiter: Would you like something to drink, Sir and Madam?
David: Coffee please.
Waiter: With milk or without milk, Sir?
David: No, I don't like milk.
Waiter: And what about you Madam?
Britney: Just a glass of water please.
Waiter: Ok, please wait a minute. I'll serve it for you.

Waiter: Would you like to see our food list?
David: Yes, of course.

Waiter: Are you ready to order Sir and Madam?
David: Ok, we choose American Breakfast. 1 Apple juice and 1 mixed fruit slices. Mine is boiled eggs. And you honey?
Britney: Omelette please.
David: Ok, and then I order a toast and for her is bread roll.

Writer: For your boiled eggs, which one would you like? soft, medium or hard cooking?
David: I want it soft please.
Waiter: And for your omelette Madam, is it served with Ham or Bacon or Sausage?
Britney: Can I get it mixed?
Waiter: Yes, you can. I'll repeat your order. 1 apple juice and 1 mixed fruit slices. 1 soft boild eggs. 1 omelette with ham, bacon and sausage mixed. 1 toast and 1 bread roll. Do you need something else.
David: No, that's enough.
Waiter: Would you like to wait Sir and Madam?
Britney: Yes, it's ok.

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