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what type of sushi

what type of sushi? There are several distinctive varieties, these include:
  • Nigiri-zushi: bundles of rice, topped with wasabi and fish. Once served, nigiri should be taken by the fingers and dipped fish-side only into soy sauce.
  • Sashimi: simply raw fish, sliced thinly, served without rice. Sashimi can consist of salmon, squid, or other fresh seafood.
  • Chirashi-zushi: prepared in a bowl, with several different kinds of fish and vegetables mixed in with rice. This dish can be compared to a salad.
  • Oshizushi: (literally means "pressed sushi") is made by layering the ingredients on top of rice in a wooden mold, known as an Oshizushi-Bako.
  • Maki-zushi: rice and seafood, rolled up in nori seaweed. This is the most popular variety of sushi in America, and the type of sushi detailed in the steps below.
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