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contoh hortatory teks ( Hortatory exposition )

Hortatory exposition
Mass transportatioan
       Mass transportatioan is a kind of transportation system which large numbers of people are carried within a single vehicle. Airplanes, railways, buses, trolleys, and subways are examples of mass transportation system. This mass transit system is believed to be the future way which can solve the heavy traffic in the street.
       Mass transportatioan have a number of advantages over private automobile. In many parts of the world, mass transportatioan is an important component of a national’s transportatioan system. Whee people are to poor to buy automobile, they depend on bicycles or animals or mass transit systems such as bus lines to travel within a city and from city to city.
       Mass transportation such  as bus, train, plane are more efficient ways of moving people than the private automobile. For example, a subway system can transport 80.000 passenger per hour. In comparison, an 8-lane freeway can carry only 20.000 passenger per hour. The cost operating an inter-city bus line typically runs about two cents per vehicle mile, about one- tenth the comparable average for a private automobile. Mass transit system also take up much less space than do the highways needed for the movement of automobile traffic. Most urban landscapes today are a vivid testimohy to the amount of space required forprivate automobile.
       Based on the above, to make that mass transportation system works, some experts suggest that forms of mass transportation should be developed. The efforts can be setting up van pools for employees in big company areas, picking up people who live close to each other in small vans and brought to and from work as a group, attempting to increase the use of mass transportation by imposing high taxes on parking and tolls leading to the city for private automobile, and then developing new subway, trolley and bus lines, and other alternative forms of mass transportation.
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