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A Welcoming speech may include a general welcome to all the guests. Sometimes we need to specifically acknowledge certain important guests. We also need to give a brief introduction of the occasion, and conclude the speech at the end. Furthermore, we should give a simple and short welcoming speech.
Please remember. When we deliver a welcoming speech, we should use the right tone and say the words clearly. We don’t need to be in a hurry. So, the audience will give good attention to us.

Vertical Scroll: “Good Morning, all. I’m very happy for your attendance at my birthday party.i’m very happy that I can share my happiness with you.this party is a from of my gratitude for the blessings of God who has given me health,longevityand good achievement.i do hope happiness,prosperity and successful life will alwaysbe given to us all.and please enjoy the dishes that I have prepared.thank you”Example :

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