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The story sinopsis

The story, set in Verona, beginning with the battle on the road between Montague and Capulet families. Prince of Verona intervene and declare jike violence, will be carried out capital punishment. Furthermore, the Count of Paris to talk with Lord Capulet about plans to marry his daughter, but Capulet cautious because Julia was still 13 years of age. Capulet asks Paris to wait two or three years away and invited attendance at the Capulet ball. Lady Capulet and the Nurse try to force Julia to accept the proposal of Paris. 
Meanwhile, the family of Montague, Benvolio talking with his cousin Romeo, Lord Montague's son, about the melancholy Romeo. Benvolio then learned that the cause is because Romeo infatuated with Rosaline, one of the nephew of Lord Capulet. Forced by Benvolio and Mercutio, Romeo attended the Capulet ball in hopes of meeting Rosaline. However, Romeo just fell in love with Julia after her. In part that is often called the "balcony scene, Romeo sneaking off to the page Capulet and Julia overheard saying on his balcony which declared her love for Romeo, although his family hated Montague. Romeo then appeared in front of Julia, and they agreed to get married. The assistance Friar Laurence, who wanted to reconcile the two families through the merging of their children, Romeo and Julia married in secret on the next day. 
Julia's cousin, Tybalt, who know that Romeo has infiltrated the Capulet ball, daring. Romeo, who thinks Tybalt as his brother, declined to fight. Mercutio is offended by immodesty and Tybalt fight with Tybalt in the name of Romeo. Mercutio wounded when Romeo tries to stop the fighting. Feeling guilty, then Romeo kills Tybalt. 
Romeo Montague agreed that action to execute Tybalt is a sister act. Prince of Verona and Romeo from Verona throw. Romeo then secretly spend the night in Julia's room, where they completed the wedding. Lord Capulet, who misinterpret sadness Julia, agrees to marry her to Paris and threatened not to recognize him as a child if she refused to marry Paris. Julia asks postponed marriage, but her mother refused.

Julia then visit Friar Laurence to ask for help, and he offered a drug that will make it a coma. [4] Friar promised to send a message about the plan to Romeo, so he can meet with Julia when she was awake. On the night before the wedding, Julia taking drugs, and then laid in the family cemetery after her family discovered she "died".

However, the messenger did not reach Romeo, and he got the information from his servant Balthasar that Julia died. Heartbroken, Romeo bought poison from the Apothecary, and then went to the Julia. He met with Paris being mourn Julia. Romeo thinks the vandals, Paris attack, and Romeo kills Paris. Still think that Julia had died, he drank the poison. Julia then woke up and saw Romeo dead, so he committed suicide with a knife. Both families and the Prince saw Paris, Romeo and Julia died. Friar Laurence then retell the story of Romeo and Julia. Montague and Capulet families and agreed to end hostilities between them. [

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