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Best Foods for Healthy Hair

best foods for hairEat right and go for routine exercise is the key principle for healthy life if your body health all organs including hair will get what they need. We’ve all learned that a well-balanced diet is critical for optimal performance and health. The best foods for healthy and strong hair contains the mixture of protein, vitamins, iron, minerals and complex carbohydrates.
Proteins is essential for building blocks of your hair. Low-quality protein can lead to loss a hair color, weak, and brittle hair. Good sources of proteins beef, eggs, Chicken, turkey, beans, low-fat dairy and nuts. Then complex carbohydrates to help assemble the proteins for hair growth.
As quoted from menshealth, low iron levels can lead to baldness, according to a Cleveland Clinic review. Researchers looked at 11 studies on the relationship between hair loss and iron intake, and studies concluded that treating iron deficiency may help regrow hair. Vitamin C can help absorption of iron in the digestive tract. you may add this source of iron to your foods : dried beans, dried fruit, whole grains, lean red meat, turkey, and egg yolks.
If you are experiencing hair loss. You may need to increase the intake of zinc in your daily diet.  Studies show this mineral is associated with androgen levels, a hormone associated with hair loss. This powerful antioxidant also protect your hair from free radicals. you can get zinc from  beans, beef, lamb oysters, and nuts
Lack of enough biotin can cause brittle hair, but deficiency is rare . This vitamin will help you have strong nails and thick hair. To promotes a healthy scalp along with good vision we can add more vitamin A from foods or vitamins supplement .
support scalp health by consuming more Essential omega-3 fatty acids are needed. A deficiency can result in a thus hair and dry scalp, giving it a dull look. Salmon, flax seeds, walnuts, sardines, herring, mackerel are good source of omega-3 fatty acid.
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